The Most Popular Festivals and Events in Taiwan

Published: 24th May 2011
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Taiwan is probably the most well-known tourist destinations in Asia. This charming island offers its visitors all they need for their ideal vacation. Here you can find ideal options for shopping and sightseeing, along with beautiful natural parks, numerous attractions, fantastic beaches and many other fascinating things to do and see. It has interesting history and traditions reflected in its multiple museums and festivals.

When you're going to visit Taiwan it is an excellent idea to combine your visit with several of its festivals. These are colorful and mass events and for sure worth a visit. A number of them are popular among the people all around the world so most of the hotels in Taiwan can be totally booked in advance. For this reason you can book online hotel in Taiwan in advance and get the best discounted rates for your vacation.

Here is some additional information about the most interesting events and festivals in Taiwan.

1.Spring Festival- it is also known as the Lunar New Year and it is the most significant festival celebrated throughout the country. The festival is not a one day affair and it goes on for a full month and in various stages beginning from the sixteenth day of the 12th month. It is an occasion full of fun and frolic and people frequently take a break from their work as offices as well as other establishments typically remain closed and people have loads of time to be with their near and dear ones.

2.Dragon Boat Festival- This festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and is among probably the most major holidays that the Chinese celebrate in a year. The festival is an effort to ward off diseases and evil spirits.

3.Ghost Festival-this festival is celebrated by slaughtering of a pig and a ship which when bundled with wine and meat is a fantastic mix and people appreciate it with all fun and frolic. The Chinese are of the belief that the dead turn into ghosts and they are roaming between the Heaven plus the Earth. The spirits who don’t have descendants are prayed for during the festival to make them feel the warmth and togetherness of life.

4.Birthday of Goddess of Sea- it is one of the biggest festivals that the people of Taiwan celebrate and is devoted to the Goddess of Sea. The fishermen folk hold the Goddess in great esteem and are devout followers of the Goddess considering that it is the blessings of the Goddess that brings them happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

5.Lantern Festival- it is famous also as Shang Yuan Festival. This festival as the name suggests is all about lanterns as a variety of them depicting stuff like beasts, birds and historical figures. Several such decorative lanterns are carried by the children to school and also other educational institutions as they symbolize hope and luck for a better future.

6.Mid Autumn Festival- this festival has been merged with the legend of eating moon cakes and it has had a positive effect on the psyche of the people as the Mid Autumn Festival had graduated in becoming one of the major festivals in the Chinese calendar.

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