The Most Popular Beach Destinations in Taiwan

Published: 12th May 2011
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Taiwan is great island located in East Asia. This fascinating place is a home to a lot of tourist attractions, attractive natural parks, modern day shopping centers and gorgeous beaches. Here you will see great possibilities for shopping and amusement. It is an fantastic destination for people who love practicing various sport activities, which include watersports, golf, football, hiking, trekking and skiing.

When you are fan of the beaches the perfect time to go to Taiwan is from May till October. The weather is hot and humid and there you will find fantastic opportunities for sunbathing and practicing watersports.

Hotels in Taiwan will offer you fantastic accommodation for your vacation and if you book online hotel in Taiwan in advance you may get the perfect discounted rates in the area.

Listed here are some ideas about the most exciting beach destinations which are worth visiting.

1.Baishawan Beach- this attractive beach is popular for its white sand and crystal clear blue water. There you can see also some magnificent volcanic rock formations, which gives this place unique charm. Despite the fact that this place is a well-known beach destination it is not well develop, so be prepared to find wild beach with unbelievable beauty. You won’t find modern hotels or restaurants so it is an excellent idea to take some drinks and food with you, or if you're going to spend there a whole day, don’t forget to take your sun umbrella with you.

2.Fulong Beach- this lovely beach consists of two long golden sand beaches separated by the Shuangsi River. The sea beach runs parallel to the river beach and this determines this area as wonderful place for windsurfing and canoeing. It is one of the several famous beaches in Northern Taiwan so it is preferred beach destination not only by the tourists but also for the local people.

3.Kenting- this gorgeous beach is located in Southern Taiwan and it is preferred destination by the locals in Taiwan. It is surrounded by remarkable natural park. Here you can practice numerous activities, most popular of which are swimming, diving, surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, and boating. Here you can find numerous things to do with your family and it is a great place for family picnic for example.

4.Jibei Island- this is one more preferred beach destination. This attractive island houses Baishawei Beach, which has fantastic white silky sand. This beach is one of the nicest beaches in whole Asia. It is wild place where there are only a few sun umbrellas. It is fantastic place to relax and sunbath and listen to the tranquility of this amazing spot. Nearby is the beautiful Bikini Island where you can enjoy fascinating coral reef.

5.Green Island- this is one among the most well-liked tourist attractions in Taiwan. This charming island lies in the southeast coast of Taiwan. The island is famous for its wonderful scenery of lush green mountains, sandy white beaches, and sparkling blue water. The beaches here are great for swimming. It is a fantastic pleasure to soak in the island’s well-known hot beaches.

Apart from beaches, here you can find also great tourist attractions and interesting things to do. Find the perfect for you accommodation in Taiwan and have an unforgettable vacation in this lovely place.

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