The Most Famous Festivals and Events in Libya

Published: 27th May 2011
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Libya is appealing country located in Africa. Its area is full of remarkable historical and cultural areas, terrific Libya hotels, exciting shopping centers and all these combined with the exceptional atmosphere of Libyan Festivals.You can be sure that there you can find something suitable for all types of visitors.

Festivals in Libya have turned out to be the most famous and favourite events among the international travelers. It is often practice foreign tourists to come and take part in them. It is the reason some hotels in Libya to be fully booked in advance. It could be a fantastic idea to book online hotel in Libya in advance. It can be also preferable for the reason that you'll get the best discounted rates.

If you are planning to have exclusive holidays in Libya, you may focus on many different festivals in the country. Nalut Spring Festival is one of such occasion during which numbers of travelers come to the country. Nalut is a town that is the main venue of the festivals and it is located in the Nafusa Mountains. The entire town celebrates with grand reception and you will find boys' scouts who volunteer to assist the visitors and tourists. It is a huge carnival and here you would get many different types of local handicrafts, baskets, clothing and accessories along with traditional snacks.

Derj Tourist Festival for Arts and Heritage is normally held in the month of September, and is organized by the Ghadames Municipality. The festival feature shows of typical music, traditional crafts and exhibits of local culture and heritage.

The annual Ghadames festival is a colorful event with performances of traditional songs and dance. Ghadames is among the fantastic trading towns on the centuries old Saharan caravan route.

Nalut Spring Festival, as the name suggests, was established to revive and promote the local Berber culture, traditions, industries and arts as part of Libya's sacred heritage. Being on the major route to Ghadames the festival has attracted a amount of foreign visitors, in their way to the desert sites of Acacus and Ubari.

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