How to Have Fun in Taipei, Taiwan

Published: 12th May 2011
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Taipei is a well-known tourist destination for people who travel to Taiwan. This remarkable city is famous tourist, economical, industrial and shopping center. It's the place where you will find numerous attractions, modern shopping centers and interesting museums. When you are going to visit this cosmopolitan city, you'll find there various possibilities for fun and amusement. You can practice your preferred watersports, relax in the modern spa centers, go to the numerous restaurants and nightclubs or just sightseeing.

For people who prefer to learn a lot more about the culture of Taipei, you can find remarkable art galleries and temples which are worth visiting.

Hotels in Taipei are comfortable and cozy and will offer you fantastic accommodation in Taipei for your vacation. People are friendly and visiting a few of the night markets and street markets can be a lot of fun as well.

Listed here are some suggestions how you may have fun in Taipei.

1.Hot Springs and SPA- Taipei is an perfect destination for any relaxing vacation in some of its remarkable spa centers. Hell Valley, Hwa Yi Chuen, and Peitou Hot Springs Park are the perfect known hot springs areas and are within easy reach. Many of the natural hot springs are also taken advantage of, where resorts have set up spas so that guests can enjoy being pampered. There you can enjoy various spa procedures, as well as professional massages.

2.Songshan Nature Reserve- this remarkable reserve is located near to the town and offers excellent entertainment for the whole family. There are some great walking trails and a lot of hills from which to steal views. Rustic temples and dense foliage populate the park along with the four main hills: Tiger's Head, Elephant Mountain, Lady Finger, and Nine-Five Peak. This area is also amazing for a family picnic.

3.Beaches- in case you are a fan of the beaches Paishawan Beach is just north of town and gets crowded during the cool November through February dry season. The beach is good for swimming and water sports action and is quickly reached. White Sand Beach, Chinshan Beach and Fulong Beach are also popular beaches in the area.

4.Golf- golf maniacs will find some great golf courses here. Some of the preferred are the Pearl Height Golf and Country Club, Taiwan Golf and Country Club, and Tan Shui Golf and Country Club. This game is much famous here and you may find definitely attractive facilities.

5.Taipei Film House- visiting this amazing place is a real a must when visiting Taipei. This is an art center with a difference. It screens independent films and comes with loads of café s and restaurants and has a pleasant garden and balconies to mingle. Admission is free.

6.Nightlife- Anho Road in eastern Taipei has some of the best nightlife in town, loaded as it is with bars and restaurants. The so-called combat zone in Zhongshan also has a load of bars, while the older Ximending is one of coffee shops and quieter retreats. Despite the fact that the Taiwanese eat early, bars often stay open till three or four in the morning, but be aware that alcohol and nightclubs are expensive.

When you want to stay in Taipei for several days you can book online hotel in Taipei in advance and get the best discounted rates for your unforgettable holiday.

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